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Sarasota, FL is the home to Sarasota Pool Service & Repair. We are proud of our home state of Florida and are proud of the world’s #1 rated beach. Sarasota has a unique history and has seen changes over its time of being.

If you’re in need of pool cleaning service or pool maintenance for your pool or perhaps your pool is in need of repair please give us a call or use the form to get in touch with us.

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The Premier Pool Service in Sarasota

As we service our Sarasota clients we sometimes encounter lush foliage and fauna that line backyard landscapes. These trees cool homes in the Summer and refract sunlight for comfortable poolside relaxation. The leaves however to periodically fall and find their way into the water requiring regular removal before overwhelming the skimmer, pump or auto-cleaner. As everywhere, in Sarasota pool service is a necessary weekly chore that must be performed to maintain a clean and healthy swimming environment. When there is heavy debris due to a storm, we employ a specialized cleaning tool called a Leaf Master that attaches to a garden hose – forcing leaves and twigs off the pool floor and into a leaf-catch. This is a great way to extract them. These devices come with an open-mesh nylon bag, but also a fine-mesh which will collect dirt and leave your pool nearly spotless. When windy days are upon us, we monitor the baskets in your circulation system often, as obstructions will cause the flow of water to slow down or stop. We are careful to vacuum only small particles and remove the larger twigs and branches with a leaf-scoop. For professional pool or spa advice, weekly pool service or repair, we are here to help bring your pool back into shape – so give us a call to begin.



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